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How to Create Sub Groups

When you create sub groups you’ll allow students to work within their own WordPress group; allowing only those invited to the group by the group administrator to view the content posted.

How to Create a Group on WordPress

Step 1:

On the Dashboard, left-hand side, there is a toolbar for the Site Features, Select “Groups.”

Group Window 1 copy

Step 2:

Select “Add New,” at the top of the Groups Directory.

Group Window 2 copy

Step 3:

Add a Group name and Description. Preferably, one that is affiliated with the “Course Group” so that you can have one that is completely public, and then these smaller groups which will allow students to collaborate privately. For example: the Course Group for Dr. Rybak’s Monsters class is “English 333: Monsters and Protean Figures,” whereas the sub-group names are “English 333: Group 1,” “English 333: Group 2,” etc.

Group Window 4 copy

Step 4:

Set the Privacy Settings:

Group Window 5 copy

    Privacy options for the sub group, should ideally be set to private, so that only others who are a part of this specific group are able to see Buddydocs and forum communication.

Privacy Options copy

    Group Invitations should be set to “Group Admins and Mods Only;” so that the Group Administrator can send the invites to students.

Group Invitations copy

    Email Subscription settings should be set to “All Email,” so that students will receive email notifications about new posts and forum updates within the group.

Emails copy

Step 5:

Do you want your group to have a “Forum” where you can post things about the course? This is helpful for discussion questions, or course announcements. If yes, check the box.

Group Forum copy

Step 6:

Do you want your group to have access to creating “BuddyPress Docs?” This is helpful for posting documents. If yes, then check the box. Make sure that the permissions are set so that even as a group member, you’d be able to add a BuddyDoc.

BuddyPress Docs copy

Step 7:

Set your Avatar for the group.

Avatar copy

Step 8:

If you would like to include blog feeds, from maybe another course that you’ve taught before add the url feed, so that students can be updated on this new group.

url feeds copy

Start inviting members! Here’s how!

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