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How to Send Invites to a Group

How to Send Invites to a Group

To add students to your group, make sure you have their emails available so that you can send them the invite.

Step 1:

Begin in the Dashboard, and on the left-hand side select Groups.

Step 2:

Select the Group you would like to invite students to join, and within that screen, select the “Send Invites” button.

Step 3:

On this screen select the “Send Invitations by Email” link:

send invites via email copy

Step 4:

Put one student email per line, then alter any of the subsequent boxes if you would like students to receive additional information.

email log copy

Step 5:

If you have any other sub-groups, and they are similarly named they will appear under “4. (optional) Select some groups. Invitees will receive invitations to these groups when they join the site.”

similar groups copy

Students will then have to accept the invitation link, and create a username and password.

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