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Instructions for Making a 4-Minute Screencast with Jing

  • Download Jing
    • Move cursor up to the center top border of the desktop. Mouse over that space to locate a yellow Jing console. It will look like this:
    • Untitled2

    3) Click on the yellow Jing console to pull it down. It will ‘grow’ three spherical appendages:

    4) Use the three buttons to (L-R) “capture,” “browse history,” and open the full-size Jing skin.

    5) Record video (screencast) by following these instructions

    6) Record narration by following these instructions

    7) While scripting and recording your screencast, keep track of time: Jing will AUTOMATICALLY cut off your recording at 5 minutes.

    8) To share and publish your screencast, get its embed code from this page.

    All done!

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