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Screen Recording Using Quicktime Player

Screen Recording Using Quicktime Player

Step 1:

Download  for Mac or PC here, though you may already have it in your Programs (PC) or Applications (Mac)

Step 2:

When the program opens, navigate to the toolbar and choose “File.”

Step 3:

Select “New Screen Recording” and make sure your volume is turned on because it will choose the microphone from the laptop.

screen recording copy

Step 4:

Press the Record button and a direction screen will appear saying: “Click to record the full screen. Drag to record part of the screen.”

If you only want to show one window rather than your entire desktop, drag to record the part of the screen you wish to highlight.

Quicktime will then start recording the mouse movement as well as any screen movement within the selected window. Once you are finished press the “Stop” button, which moves up in the top register of your screen where your WI FI signal, volume, clock, etc. are:

Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 3.34.58 PM

When you click stop, then you can save your recording to the desired location.


Quicktime will automatically save the recording as a “.mov” file, which can be read by Quicktime, as well as other programs should you choose to change the default program for this file type.

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