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Storify Tutorial

Storify is a social media tool, that allows you to put together a story based off of Twitter, Tumbler, Facebook, Youtube, Flickr, Instagram, Linked-In, Google, or Imbeding URL’s from different websites.

Go to this website

If you would like to save your work and be able to access the Storify document again, make a username and password, and Login.

Storify Start copy

Make sure to save your document as Public if you would like anyone to be able to access it.

Step 2 Storify copy

Now that you’ve saved your document, make sure to add a Title and a description so you can search for the story you’ve created.

Step 3 Storify copy Step 4 Storify copy

Choose where you would like to pull information from. For Dr. Rybak’s Monsters and Protean Figures Course there are project suites that the students rotate through; one is the Twitter/Storify Group. In the picture below, the Twitter icon is selected, showing UWGB’s Digital Humanities username: @UWGBDH. I will pull tweets from Twitter, and put them into the Storify document:

Step 5 Storify copy

You could also add other media that was referenced in the class discussion hosted in Twitter, like a definition from another website, or a Youtube video:

Step 6 Storify copy

Add as many tweets, videos, links, or articles as you’d like, and then publish your Storify Document:

Step 7 Storify Publish copy

This screen will pop up after you’ve published the Storify, you can skip it, or you can Notify people that you’ve referenced on Twitter, or other social media.

Published:Notify Storify

Here is the finished product:

Finished Product Storify copy

You can still edit the Storify document, by clicking Edit. You can Distribute the Storify you’ve made, or if you are using this Storify in the Commons Site you can simply imbed it by copying and pasting the URL into the WordPress Page of your choosing.

If you want to search for your Storify log in using your username and password, and your stories will be listed below.

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