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Text Analysis Tutorial

Text Analysis

Using text analytic tools allows the reader to have concrete information about what they are reading quickly. For instance, a book can be searchable while in an ebook form, but with the right tools a visualization from the text is more accessible, than simply being able to search through data. These tools can be used for interpreting data to help support a thesis.

TAPoR Tutorial

“TAPoR is a gateway to the tools used in sophisticated text analysis and retrieval. Please contribute!

The project is led by Geoffrey Rockwell, Stefan Sinclair, and Kirsten C. Uszkalo and housed at the University of Alberta.

Support for this project came from the Canadian Institute for Research Computing in the Arts, University of Alberta, the Social Science and Humanities Research Council and the Canada Foundation for Innovation” (

Voyant Tutorial

“ is a collaborative project by Stéfan Sinclair & Geoffrey Rockwell to think through some foundations of contemporary text analysis, including issues related to the electronic texts used, the tools and methodologies available, and the various forms that can take the expression of results from text analysis” (

Step 1:

Have an electronic text you’d like to explore through text analytics. It should be a Plain Text UTF-8 file, so as not to interfere with any of the tools available on TAPoR or Voyant. You can find texts without copyright restrictions from Project Gutenberg.

Step 2:

I’ll use Moby Dick by Herman Melville. And the tool from Voyant:Corpus Term Frequencies

Step 3:

In the URL search box, I copied and pasted the URL from the Plain Text version of Moby Dick, and click “Reveal.”

voyant copy

A screen like this should pop up:

wordslist copy

From the “Frequency” I checked the first word “whale” then this prompts Voyant to open another window:

whale copy

Here in this screen you can select and deselect the words you’d like to see charted together, or separately. The Voyant Corpus Term Frequency tool allows you to use multiple Voyant tools at once like Cirrus: the Word Cloud program, or Term Frequency: which allows you to see the frequency graphed throughout the text.

For more text analysis tools there is a more complete list here: DiRT (Digital Research Tools Wiki)

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